Terms and Condition

By purchasing any of the services from www.http://unlocksamsungaccount.com you must first agree to the following terms of service at the checkout page. The terms of service are as follows:

Refund Policy:
If you’re not satisfied with the accounts for any reason, you should contact us and request a refund. A refund is offered only if your phone is not unlocked and the problem reported within 24 hours after we delivered the service.

Service Delivery:
All order’s will deliver to your PayPal email or billing email within 24 hours. If your email connected to your Paypal account is inactive you should contact us after you paid. So, please keep your email updated and don’t forget to check junk/spam folder to avoid miss-inform of delivered accounts.

Refund Policy:
All services that are sold on www.http://unlocksamsungaccount.com come with 24-hours warranty. It means we guarantee that services purchased on our site will be valid through the period mentioned above. We assume no responsibility about anything that might happen with your phone device. We will not be responsible for any loss or damage whatsoever caused resulting your phone device. You’re using services at your own risk.

We are re-seller of these services (not owner of services), We have FREE 1 months support for our services.

Damages and Losses:
We can not be held responsible for any damage of your phone as a result of purchasing any of the services on this website.

DISCLAIMER: This site is neither endorsed, sponsored by, nor affiliated with Samsung Company. We are not the direct source of this services, and act only as re-sellers. We are not responsible for any Terms of Service violations made by our customers.

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